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Love My New Pillow

Love my new pillow!! It has helped me tremendously to sleep better with this pinched nerve in my neck. Plus you were cheaper than the other sellers!!
Lori A.
March 24, 2010

I Love It !

The pillow was everything they said it would be and more. I love it! I would highly recommend the product and company to anyone."
Melanie B.
March 23, 2010

My neck feels better already

Great Seller and my neck feels better already! Thanks T. Jones"
March 12, 2010

Slept better and longer right off the bat

WOW. Awesome product. Slept better and longer right off the bat
February 19, 2010

This pillow really helps my neck and shoulder problems

"This pillow really helps my neck and shoulder problems. It keeps me from turning onto my injured shoulder and I wake up without pain. It also provides a nice neck support and slight traction if you position it correctly."
Barbara O.
January 5, 2010

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Popular Pain Relief Products at the Neck Pain Relief Shop

11"x15" TriSectional Cervical Hot and Cold Pack with Strap11"x15"  TriSectional Cervical Hot and Cold Pack with StrapA trisectional hot and cold pack with a Strap that is designed for your neck, shoulders,  and upper back area. 11"x15"
Cervical Traction Unit- Posture Pump 1100Cervical Traction Unit-  Posture Pump 1100The Cervcial Traction Posture Pump 1100S allows for restoration of the normal cervical curve in the neck
Diagnosed with Military Neck ?
A Lateral X-ray Shows Loss of Cervical Curve in the Neck Spine

Treating Military Neck- Loss of Cervical Curve in the Neck

At the Neck Pain Relief Shop we specialize in Neck Support Pillows. We believe that if you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, you should be doing it well, getting the best sleep posture. If you have been diagnosed with a loss of cervical lordosis in the neck, a military neck or hypolordosis of the cervical spine, then basically you have a flattening of the "C" curve of the neck. Often times diagnosed on a lateral cervical x-ray (a neck x-ray of your neck from the side), the neck is straight up and down, hence the name "military spine". In these cases, it is possible to have neck pain, neck stiffness, difficulty getting into a comfortable position at night. This misalignment in the cervical curve is corrected by doing traction. Using a traction pillow, such as the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow is ideal in these situations. This Pillow has a special "v" in the center that gives your neck spine a gentle stretch, just like a traction unit. Often times when a patient has been diagnosed with having no curve in the neck, the Doctor will recommend doing a neck traction protocol in the office, and then eventually at home. Doing neck traction during the day, and then using a traction pillow at night can aid in the getting the proper "C" Curve of the neck spine back.

The Arc4life Traction Neck Pillow

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Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow (Medium)Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow (Medium)Medium Standard Size: 24"x17". Offers traction and neck support. 

Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow (Medium) EXTRA FIRMArc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow (Medium) EXTRA FIRMMedium Standard Size: 24"x17". Extra Firm. Special Order Item

A Neck Misalignment Can Cause Neck Pain and Discomfort

A Neck Misalignment Can Cause Neck Pain and Discomfort

Misalignments of spinal bones or in other words subluxations of the neck can be a hidden problem that can lead to neck pain, and stiff neck. Most often misaligned segments don’t move like they should in the proper range of motion that is normal for the neck spine. Your cervical spine has the ability to flex, extend, laterally bend and rotate.

Even more important these malpositions put unwanted pressure on neck nerves which is the real root of your pain. Misalignments in the neck can cause muscle spasms, tightness, difficulty in getting into a comfortable position at night and stiffness.

Pressure on nerves equals pain or maybe even something worse !

Not to mention, misaligned segments don't move properly causing inflammation and waste products to build up in the cells and muscles.

Getting the neck misalignments corrected restores motion to the spine restricting proper blood flow, allowing nutrients and water to flow in and waste products and inflammation to flow out.

The Neck Pain Relief Kit gives you specific methods to correct neck misalignments or subluxations so you can get rid of your neck pain and restore neck mobility.

For maintaining proper alignment of the neck, consider using a support neck pillow at night. Making sure that your head and neck are aligned properly at night reduces the chances of getting a stiff neck. You can get neck pillows these days that are fitted perfectly for you. For example, the D Core Cervical Support Pillow is great for ensuring that your head and neck are aligned at night.

For Best Alignment of the Cervical Spine, Choose a Neck Pillow that Fits your Neck

With Choosing a Simple Cervical Support Pillow- be mindful the of the size. Too many times we have had customers order a large size neck pillow for a king size bed. Yes, you can do this with decor pillows, but not for pillows that you sleep with ! Choose a size that fits you and your neck properly. For example, the Linear Gravity Support Neck Pillow is one of our most popular pillows. It comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. If you are a petite person (for example your height is 5'0 ft, and you weight 100 lbs), then consider ordering the small size. If you are built like a football player ( for example, you are over 6'0 ft, and you weigh 200 lbs), consider the large size linear gravity pillow. If you are a petite person, but like to use a standard size pillow, then choose the medium size linear gravity neck pillow. Just remember, buying a pillows that fits your body size will allow you to have optimal cervical alignment, and in the end a better nights sleep!

Other neck support pillows that we have in a few different formats are the Tri Core Family of Neck Pillows. Check it out below:

Cervical Support Neck Pillows

D Core Cervical Support PillowD Core Cervical Support PillowGet Proper Cervical Support with the D Core Cervcial Support Pillow Comes in Mid Size and Standard Size

MidCore Orthopedic Cervical Support PillowMidCore Orthopedic Cervical Support PillowIn the TriCore Family Of Cervical Support Pillows. The MidCore Orthopedic Cervical Neck Pillow is a smaller version of the TriCore Pillow. Comes in Gentle or Firm.
MidCore Orthopedic Cervical Support Pillow DETAILS
Petite Orthopedic Cervical Support PillowPetite Orthopedic Cervical Support PillowIn the TriCore Family of Support Neck Pillows. Choose the Petite Orthopedic Cervical Support Neck Pillow if you are a petite framed person or prefer smaller neck pillows. Great for kids and teens. 

TriCore Orthopedic Cervical Support PillowTriCore Orthopedic Cervical Support PillowTriCore Orthopedic Cervical Support Neck Pillow for better sleep. Available in gentle or firm.
TriCore Orthopedic Cervical Support Pillow DETAILS

Treating Acute Neck Pain Such as Whiplash / Neck Injuries

Viscoelastic foam molds with your body heat to the unique shape of you head and neck

Treating Acute Neck Pain Such as Whiplash / Neck Injuries

If you have been involved in a whiplash type of accident or have experienced a neck injury, it is important to use a neck support pillow that will provide custom support for your neck. A pillow that will essenitally mold to the alignment of your cervical spine for a short time, until you get out the painful phase of your injury. This is where memory foam neck pillows come into play. These neck pillows are composed of 100% viscoelastic memory foam that utilizes your body heat to mold to the unique shape of you head and your neck. The Core Memory Foam Neck Pillow helps relieve pain or discomfort by conforming to and stabilizing an existing condition.

Neck Pain Relief Kit also carries the Cervical Alignment Neck Pillow for ultimate comfort and better sleep at night. With a simple measurement you can choose the perfect lobe for under your neck, thereby providing you with proper fitted support. Just like rolling up a towel under your neck, the Cervical Alignment neck pillow gives you just the support you need at night.

Treating Acute Neck Pain | The Core Memory Neck Pillow

The Cervical Alignment Neck PillowThe Cervical Alignment Neck PillowCerv-Align Neck Pillow - A proper fitting pillow for your neck. Choose the roll that fits your neck best
Cervical Alignment Neck Pillow DETAILS
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