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Posture Pulley Neck Exercise Device
Posture Pulley Neck Exercise Device
How to Use the Neck Exerciser to Correct Forward Head Posture
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Posture Pulley Neck Exercise Device works to correct forward head posture. It works to Reinforce anatomically correct head and neck posture. This device strenthens the weak front neck flexor muscles while retracting the skull. Furthermore it isolates and strengthens the back neck muscles for head stabilization.

Indications for Posture Pulley Neck Exercise Device
  • Head, Neck and shoulder Pain
  • Forward Head Posture
  • To Strengthen the Anterior Neck Mucles
  • To Strengthen the Posterior Neck Muscles
  • Reinforces anatomical correct head and neck posture

How to Use the Posture Pulley Neck Exercise Device
  1. Place the dark neoprene section behind your head
  2. Grip the soft foam handles with both hands
  3. While maintaining a level head position, slowly extend and straighten both arms at eye level. Pretend your head is like a bowling bowl and it glides back, your chin should push back
  4. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds, retract and repeat

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Features Benefits
Effective Get Rid of Forward Head Posture
Alleviates Neck Pain Symtpoms Works to Decrease neck pain, neck stiffness, neck achiness
Simple to Use At Home Portable, Simple to operate at home and perfect for travel as well
Work on All Neck Muscles Strengthen the anterior and posture cervical neck muscles
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