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Cervical Traction Unit- Posture Pump 1100Cervical Traction Unit-  Posture Pump 1100The Cervcial Traction Posture Pump 1100S allows for restoration of the normal cervical curve in the neck
Neck Pain Relief Kit | Downloadable E-Book | Neck Exercises

“Discover The Secrets To
Finally Eliminate Your Neck Pain For Good!”

Dear Neck Pain Sufferer,

     Neck pain is NOT normal! It is a sign that something is wrong.

     Your body is designed to be free of pain. Feeling good is the normal state. Feeling aching pain in your neck that doesn't seem to want to go away, like a bad houseguest, is not normal.

     Neither is not being able to move quickly because it will create a sharp shooting pain. Or laying awake at night hoping and wishing your neck pains will disappear, feeling down, irritable, and the frustration of knowing that your friends and family just don’t understand what you are going through.

     And thanks to those nifty drug commercials we get brainwashed into believing - medicine cabinets, purses, and glove compartments all over the world are fully stocked with medication for the “normal” aches and pains.

     Imagine Finally…

  • Being able to wake up in the morning without a stiff neck
  • Work all day on the computer and not have neck problems or even headaches.
  • Back your car out of the driveway by easily turning only your head and not your entire body

I’m here to tell you this is not just a dream. You can absolutely achieve a pain free neck.

     Hello, I’m Dr Matthew Bellinger, and I’ve created the Neck Pain Relief Kit so I could help as many neck pain suffers as possible get rid of there annoying pain and focus on more important things in their life.

     So, if you are one of the millions of people who suffer from annoying, pestering, mind-numbing neck pains, then please keep reading, because as you are about to discover, neck pains are not normal.

  • Pain stopping you from exercising!
  • Pain causing you to lose days from work.
  • Pain making you irritable!
  • Pain ruling your life!
     Many suffer day in and day out when they really don’t have to any more...and chances are, neither do you!

The Neck Pain Relief Kit Is Designed
To Correct Your Neck Pain
Once And For All!!

     If you REALLY want to get rid of your neck pains and start living a “normal” life in a short period of time, then you need to first be aware of…

Four Neck Pain Relief Misconceptions:
  1. Over-The-Counter Medication Treat The Cause Of Your Neck pain

         It’s almost criminal that drug companies are hiding from you that the pain relieving drugs they advertise don’t actually target the real cause of your neck pains.      Here’s the real deal…These pills cover up your neck pain by simply disabling your brain's ability to feel your neck pain. That's why your neck pain comes back when the pills wear off!      If you broke your leg and just took pills so you didn’t have to feel the pain, the pain would come back when the pills wore off.      If these drugs actually treated the real cause of your neck pains, then shouldn’t your neck pains go away permanently? But they don't.      These pills only sweep your pain under the rug. The REAL cause of your neck pains remains untreated and that's why you keep suffering.

  2. Pain Medication Can’t Harm You

         One thing many neck pain sufferers don't know about the drugs they take is that these pills are not 100% safe. In fact, a lot of the side effects you may experience are far worse than the neck pains you're trying to cover up for a measly four hours of relief.

         You see, the way these pills disable your ability to feel neck pains is to disable a little hormone in your body that acts like a messenger to your brain. Of course, our bodies, being the highly tuned machines they are, have figured out how to use these hormones for more jobs than one. So if you disable the hormone from doing just one job, it will also not do all the other jobs in your body.

         This can lead to all sorts of problems. You can get something as minor as a rash, or you can have sudden liver failure or kidney problems. Even aspirin has been linked to causing unknowing users to suffer from deadly hemoragghic strokes.

         It gets worse…you see, the more often you take these medications, the more your risk will skyrocket!

         Also, medication seldom increases your body’s ability to respond to stress appropriately, and it usually decreases your body’s natural ability to fight disease!

  3. Stress Causes Neck pains

    Yes, stress is a part of living, but it is not the cause of neck pains.

         Have you ever heard of that saying, “only the strong survive” or “survival of the fittest”?

         It’s how your body adapts to stress that determines if “stress” will affect your health or how you feel.

         So, in a minute, I will explain how you can quickly and easily increase your body’s ability to adapt to stress.

  4. Neck pains Go Away On Their Own

         Tony Robbins has a saying, "The definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results."

         If you truly want to get rid of your neck pains, then you're going to have to try something different; something natural, and hopefully drug free…and equally important, something that is proven to work.

         Obviously, you wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t concerned about your neck pains. So please, for your sake, don’t drop the ball and not take action; because as you will in a moment discover, you will have a chance to get rid of your neck pain, in a very short period of time, without even leaving your house.

“There May Be a Simple Solution To The Cause Of Your Neck Pain”!

If you answer “Yes” to any of these SIX questions…

  1. “Has your neck ever experienced trauma?”
  2. “Have you ever been in a car accident?”
  3. “Have you ever played football or any other contact sports?”
  4. “Have you experienced many ‘minor’ injuries?”
  5. “Is your neck stiff or, at times, difficult to move?”
  6. “As a child, did you experience a fall off the swing, porch, down stairs, or any other ‘minor’ incident?”

     If you answered “YES” to at least ONE of the following questions, your neck pain may be caused by a hidden problem in your neck but there’s good news.

Through today’s advanced research, there are specific stretches, postural exercises, and muscle loosening techniques that you can use to eliminate your pain for good.      All this can be found in the brand new “Neck Pain Relief Kit”

     Here’s what the neck pain relief kit includes:

  • The “Neck Pain Relief Main Manual” – This book will explain everything you need to know about your neck pain. Why you may have it, what you might be doing to cause the problem over and over again, what treatments are available, and most importantly- how to end the pain and suffering NOW!!
  • The “Eliminate Your Neck Pain With Dr Bellinger’s Secret Stretches And Exercises”. These techniques are pulled from Dr Bellinger Top Secret Stash of files from successfully helping hundreds of patients in his offices.
  • The “Undercover Guide To Muscle Massage Your Chiropractor, Therapist, and Medical Doctor Don’t Want You To Know”. This manual shows you specific muscle techniques you can do all by yourself in just minutes a day that will change your life.
And That’s Not All...

     Order Now and Receive These FREE Bonuses

Bonus #1: Unlimited email support – anytime you have a question simply email us, and expect a response with-in 24 hrs. (Most times actually even much, much sooner)

Bonus #2: A Quick Start guide that outlines step by step how to get started relieving your neck pain as soon as you get the kit.

Bonus #3: Special discounts on any products you may purchase to help you combat your neck pain. A few products that Dr Bellinger has personally tested and found gave the best results in complementing the tools and techniques used in the Neck Pain Relief Kit.

Order The Neck Pain Relief Kit Now

I truly wish you the best.
Yours In Health,
Dr Bellinger

P.S. The methods explained in The Neck Pain Relief Kit have helped numerous neck pain sufferers get rid of the pain and enjoy their lives and it can help you too. I’m so sure of it, if you are not satisfied, I will give a 100% money back, no questions asked Guarantee.

P.P.S. Not sure if you should order? Email me directly at info@ with any questions you have about your neck pain. I look forward to helping you get rid of your pain.

Neck Pain Relief Kit

Neck Pain Remedies
Neck Pain Relief Kit
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The Neck Pain Relief Kit includes a 92 page digitally downloadable book filled with information about ending your neck pain. It includes a Main Manual, a Stretch and Exercise Guide, Trigger Point Manual and a Bonus Quick Start Guide.

Features of the Neck Pain Relief Kit
  • Determine the Cause of your Neck Pain
  • Learn how your posture affects your neck pain
  • Includes Important neck stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Learn how to do proper neck exercises safely
  • Will show you steps for getting rid of your neck pain fast and easy
  • Includes additonal natural pain relief products
  • How to correct misalignments in the spine
  • How to treat trigger points in the neck

With the Neck Pain Relief Kit you can finally live pain free !.You can not only keep pain away, but look good and feel good ! The techniques that Dr. Bellinger shows you can be done anytime, any where ! You will learn how to keep your pain away so that it does not come back. To Improve Posture and Improve Function. Save time and Money using the right tools to prevent future neck pain. Anyone can do easily, safely- you'll be pain free before you know it.

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