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The Arc4life Cervical Traction Neck Pillow helps you get better neck posture and better sleep.

What makes these traction pillows so special?

The Neck Pain Relief Shop offers this neck pillow is standard (24"x17") and large sizes (28"x17"). The traction pillow is special because it is a dual functioning neck pillow. One side offers neck traction or a gentle "stretch" in the neck while sleeping. The other softer side, is a neck support roll. You can use either side for a comfortable nights sleep. The other great aspect of the traction pillow is that it is great for side sleepers and back sleepers. This traction pillow is softer than, filled with less dense fiber fill than the Tri Core Family pillows. If you are looking to improve the neck curve, or have been diagnosed with forward head posture, choose the cervical traction neck pillow. This support neck pillow is also great for someone that has a pinched nerve in their neck from an injury or just turning their head in the incorrect way. This pillow comes highly recommended by chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and other health professionals.

Fantastic Pillow
Used the pillow the whole night, slept really well. was a little sore in morning, as to be expected due to the fact that I used it all night and didn't use the break in period. as soon as I layed my head on it you could feel an instant slight pulling which felt really great. Would recommend it to anyone on the fence about purchasing it. Fantastic pillow. :0)

Saves Lives
Not to be hyperbolic but this pillow saved my life. i had spent months and hundreds of dollars on chiropractors, physical therapy, neurologists, to no avail. i could not get through full days of work. i had two collapsed disks in my neck and a pinched nerve, causing unpleasant tingles and numbness down my arm and lots of back spasming. in lots of pain at 5am i found a review on amazon from a customer with similar symptoms, and he said yoga and this pillow did what all the doctors had failed at - alleviating his pain.
i take this pillow, despite it's size, whenever possible when travelling. it is worth every penny. when i left mine at a hotel i immediately purchased another.
I bought one for my mother. Arc4life was very good about letting us exchange it (she tested it with the plastic still on and decided she needed a slightly different one).
i recommended it to a co-worker, who told me it changed her life. this is one amazing pillow.

-Miss Dee | January 1, 2013

This Pillow Delivers I've had neck issues for several years now, which cause me to get severe headaches if left unchecked. I've been going to a chiropractor for quite some time in order to resolve the issue. This typically will last until I get my neck out of whack again, due to improper sleep positioning. I've tried several different pillows in an effort to resolve this, but none of them have helped, and some have even made it worse. I find that it's especially bad after I sleep on my side, as opposed to my back.

I was a bit hesitant to try this pillow, due to the price, but I'm very happy that I did. I'd been using another pillow similar to this one (hole in the middle, but without the "V" wedge at the bottom). It worked ok when I was on my back, but as soon as I switched to my side (making sure to stay to the side of the pillow, outside the hole), I would always wake up with a very sore neck and a raging headache. My chiropractor said this is likely because it wasn't offering enough support for my head and my head was likely falling back into the hole, leaving it at a bad angle.
< This pillow is night and day though, in comparison. The neck support is firm and with the "V" wedge, it keeps my head upright and doesn't allow it to fall over to the side. Just as importantly, when I sleep on my side, it's firm enough that my head is supported and again, the "V" wedge keeps my head from falling back into the hole.
Since I was already somewhat used to this type of pillow, I was able to use it all night and didn't have to work my way up to it a few hours at a time. Since I started using it, I haven't had to go back to the chiropractor, which is great.
I can't yet comment on how long it will last, as far as the stuffing goes, since I've only had it about a month, but so far, it seems just as stiff as it did on day one. If that changes, I will come back and update my review. Until then, I highly recommend this pillow.

-Paul K | December 16, 2012

This pillow is great!
I have been having "Stiff Necks" on and off for several years. Each time they were more painful and lasting longer. I have purchased lots of pillows, expensive and not. I came across this pillow and thought I'd give it a try. I have not had a stiff neck since I started using it about 9 months ago. The first 2 nights it was uncomfortable and I thought I wouldn't like it. The pillow keeps your neck in proper alingment so it's awkward, but after a couple of nights, it becomes very comfortable. I take this pillow when I travel, I can't sleep without it now. I am ordering another one for my DH.....excellent product!

-Kevin Kelly | January 30, 2006

Best Pillow ever !
I have many pillows that are not working. I have been waking up with consistant and moderate to severe neck pain that triggers migraines almost every morning for months now. I switch pillows and the pain is less for a few days, then gets worse, so I switch and it gets better then worse and so goes the pattern.
I bought this pillow, Arc 4 Life, and followed the instructions of sleeping with it knowing that it may be a bit uncomfortbale for the first night or two. It was not uncomfortable for the first couple of hours then I did noticed my neck feeling a little tired, so I simply turned the pillow so the softer neck support part was under my neck and slept well for the rest of the night. I had very little neck pain the first morning and have had zero pain since then, now about six weeks.
I love this pillow, I just shared it with my ladies group. One woman came to our weekly gathering with a horrible headache and tension in her neck. I showed her this pillow and we all moved into the living room so she could lay down on the pillow and see if it would help her neck while we all talked and she relaxed. She had taken some medicine and one of the other ladies gave her a neck rub, so all of those factors contributed to her headache going away, but she is so impressed with the pillow and gives it most of the credit. I'm now here ordering two more pillows for her and the woman wo gave her the massage, I am guessing I will be back here ordering more pillows as their husbands get a chance to try the pillows out for themselves. Very few things in life have worked so well as this simple little pillow. It works well for sleeping on my back or on my side. It never slides away and leaves my neck unsupported, which is exactly what happened with so many other pillows and why I would wake up with a painful neck the next morning. I absolutely reccommend this pillow, it is well worth the money.

- Marlena | July 12, 2011

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